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Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C. in Racine, WI, is a premier local, full-service law firm that can address a wide array of legal issues typically affecting businesses, families, and individuals. Due to our knowledge of many different areas of the law, our attorneys can see the “big picture” for clients, and therefore give the most candid, comprehensive, and helpful legal advice.

From assisting clients in starting a business, drafting estate plans, asserting a personal injury claim, defending against a criminal charge, or buying/selling real estate, you’ll never need to look for another attorney again. Our network of professional lawyers is ready and able to guide you through the vast majority of legal issues, transactions, and processes. We seek to be your trusted and lifelong legal counsel, so that you are comfortable calling your lawyer whenever life throws a new legal circumstance your way.

Legal Services We Provide

At Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C., our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle almost any matter that comes through our door. If there is something we can’t do, we have trusted referral attorneys in our local network who specialize in certain areas such as bankruptcy, divorce, and more. With us, you receive personal attention and open communication, no matter what!

Estate Planning

If you need to prepare your will, powers of attorney, a revocable or irrevocable trust, guardianship and conservatorship orders, or other estate planning services, we can handle it for you.

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Contract Drafting & Review

The legal ramifications of making promises to other people or companies using written contracts can have long-lasting effects on your life and finances. Have us review any important contract you are creating or being asked to sign.

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Construction Law

Let us help you deal with matters relating to building construction, engineering, and related fields. Construction law, in essence, includes contract law, commercial law, planning law, employment law and tort.

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Probate Law

If you don’t plan and make arrangements for the distribution of your assets when you’re gone, your estate may be delayed in probate for months or even years. 

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Real Estate Law

It is very important to retain legal counsel early in the real estate transaction before any offers have been extended. Once an offer has been accepted, the parties are bound by the contract to proceed to closing.

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Traffic Law

With comprehensive knowledge of both criminal and traffic law, we are dedicated to defending our clients. Whether it be DWI offenses, speeding tickets or traffic violations, we have you covered.

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Business & Corporate Law

Looking to start a new business or need to manage and maintain an existing company? Consult with us to ensure you are operating under the most beneficial legal arrangement.

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Business Entity Types


Municipal Law

Covering a wide variety of local, public legal procedures such as parking rules, building regulations and codes, occupational or business permits, alcohol licenses, criminal violations, various ordinances, zoning regulations, property taxes, and more.

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Law School Help

Need advice for completing your undergrad? Or need some tips on studying and passing the LSAT? We are here to help! Applying to law schools can be overwhelming; let us offer you some guidance.

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Municipal Law in Racine, WI

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Although we are a local, boutique firm, Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C. offers legal services equivalent in quality and resources to a large, corporate law firm in Milwaukee or Chicago. However, by building a trusting relationship with our team of local attorneys, you avoid the bureaucratic, cold treatment and excessively high prices of a large law firm with its offices located in an expensive skyscraper. At KHR, we cherish and provide honest, warm advice to every family, business, or individual we represent. Instead of being just a number in the back of some dusty filing cabinet at a big firm, choose your experienced, local attorneys who are always available and actively looking out for your best interests every day. We want to be your trusted lawyers for life—so give us a call today!

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