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Municipal law is a broad topic that covers a wide variety of local, public legal procedures. These laws can include, but are not limited to, parking rules, building regulations and codes, occupational or business permits, alcohol licenses, criminal violations, various ordinances, public records requests, assessments, zoning regulations, property taxes, and educational policies, to name a few.

Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C. is based in Racine, WI, and works with clients throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Our firm is experienced in both advising municipality administrations directly, as well as helping private individuals or companies navigate and comply with municipal rules. We are eager to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals through a clearer understanding of municipal law.

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Who governs municipal laws?
Most municipal law is ultimately controlled by a board of directors, trustees, or other administrative staff working for a particular municipality. Municipalities can include large urban cities, smaller villages and towns, or even more specialized organizations, such as a public water drainage board.
What areas does municipal law include?
You should consult an attorney with a wide range of knowledge when seeking municipal legal advice, since municipal law directly affects many other areas of the law. Some common intersections with municipal law are real estate, business, environmental, and landlord-tenant laws.

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