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Construction is a complicated and valuable industry, with the potential to improve and develop a community, while securing a substantial return on investment. Our team of attorneys at Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C. have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you are operating under the most beneficial legal arrangement for your construction project. In reality, there is no single construction industry—construction law encompasses both residential and commercial transactions, new construction and existing improvements, general contract law, state law and administrative codes, local ordinance law, subcontractor law, and lien procedures, among many other factors.

To ensure that your project does not get bogged down in litigation or legal issues, it is important to retain an experienced attorney who has a broad understanding of construction law as a whole. Mark Hinkston handles many construction law issues and has published numerous legal articles on the topic. Give our firm a call today and start managing your construction project with professional legal counsel.

What is Construction Law?

Construction law is a combination of many different legal fields, actors, and institutions. Some of these factors include finance and mortgaging, land contracts, state and local administrative procedures, real estate law, real estate agent management, bankruptcy, contract law, employment law, zoning and building approvals, and more. There are many stages and legal hurdles that make up construction law as a whole. From securing approvals and financing before the project begins, to the active construction phase, and culminating in the project’s completion, there are multiple contracts, local ordinance requirements, and other negotiations that must take place. It is imperative that a professional, knowledgeable construction attorney represents you through the entire process, so that the return on investment for you is as prosperous and desirable as possible.

Construction Contracts

In a construction project, contracts are the base and legal bedrock of the overall transaction. Primarily, contracts dictate and describe the relationship between the project owner/manager, contractors, subcontractors, local government, and any investors or buyers. Construction projects contain a multitude of written agreements and other legal documents that function as contracts and recording instruments between the various parties, though some documents are more important than others. Disagreements or failures to perform under a contract can slow or “deadlock” project progression, which increases costs for everyone involved. At our law firm, we see the big picture behind your construction endeavors and negotiate fair and wise decisions for our clients at each stage of the project. Let us help navigate your project to ensure that it reaches completion in an efficient manner.

What Happens If A Dispute Arises?

The first step if a contract is disputed or alleged to have been breached is a suggestion to resolve the issue privately between the parties. Oftentimes, an informal, private discussion or other negotiation can resolve disputes most effectively and affordably. It is important to hire an assertive and knowledgeable attorney to negotiate these issues for you so that you are aware of the legal risks and rewards of taking a specific action. Of course, private resolutions are not always feasible, and sometimes a third-party, neutral mediator should be counseled in an attempt to reach a resolution before filing any lawsuits. Mediators help the parties see each others’ legal perspectives, risks, and potential rewards more clearly before involving the government or a Court of Law, which can result in a more reasonable resolution.

Our firm is very experienced in attending and securing positive results for our clients at professional mediation sessions. Usually, formal litigation and filing a lawsuit are the last and final resorts after exhausting other, less expensive compromise options. Most parties seek to avoid litigation at all costs, as it significantly increases legal fee expenses and can delay construction projects indefinitely. At the point of being named a party to a lawsuit, you most definitely need an experienced litigation attorney to represent and counsel you. Our law firm has the knowledge and resources to both avoid litigation during the contract negotiation phase, and also succeed in Court on your behalf in the event a lawsuit must be filed.

Contract Review in Racine, WI

Can You Guide Me in Construction Law?

At Knuteson, Hinkston & Rosenberg, S.C. in Racine, WI, we are capable of assisting contractors start their companies, as well as providing routine business management services throughout the life of a construction business. We can help select the most beneficial legal entity for your new business, whether that may be an LLC, corporation, or other beneficial arrangement. Our attorneys are skilled in drafting terms and conditions for our clients’ customers and employees, as well as imposing or removing any necessary construction liens, among other services.

We are well-versed in construction law as a whole, which makes our firm a great option for a lifelong attorney-client relationship with your business. Most of all, we want to see our clients’ businesses prosper and succeed. Therefore, we maintain fair prices and alternative payment terms so that our legal fees actually help your business as an essential service, rather than drown it in excessive costs. Give us a call today to start making your business dreams become a reality!

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